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Flock of Shepherds


Lead together.  Be together.  Heal together.



Discord Community

Join the discussion. Private space available for members. 



Healing Ministry

Personal coaching sessions for your vocational challenges, and training in vocational loss.



Worship Service

Join a Flock as a Shepherd.



Introducing the early phases of...


Massive Open Online Seminary

Your seminary education. No permission needed, no outrageous fees. 

Four Sevices

Flock of Shepherds: Book One 

Join Sarah, Roger, Imani and many more in Flock of Shepherds: Book One as they navigate their vocations in mainline denominations.  Set in a fictional city in the not-too-distant future, the Shepherds find love, betrayal, hope, loss, thrills, and spills as they create a world where they belong. 

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Be a Shepherd.

Flock of Shepherds Book One
Flock of Shepherds Healing Ministry

Healing Ministry

The process toward ordination in mainline denominations is challenging when things work smoothly.  Sometimes, however, the process can morph as you go through it, those who are supposed to help fail to do so in ways you need, and good people can get hurt.  


You may question the entire thing, postpone it, give up, be rejected, find yourself chewed up in the gears of the machine, or worse.


It is the same in any social institution from academia to medicine to politics. 

The world needs us.  We're genuinely called.  And dice.

How do we get over it, around it, through it, beyond it, into it?  How can we be our true selves in the face of what seems to be failure and loss? 

Find out now.


Anxiety in the Process


Called but Can't


Grief & Rejection


Anger & Frustration


Clergy & Counselors

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