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Worship with the original Flock of Shepherds® has its roots in the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer (BCP), although other liturgical resources are used. 

What's it Like?

Read the first book.  Fiction allows us to imagine our future.  And it's fun!


When is Worship?  Worship is an occasional set of services scheduled collectively in our Discord Community or by special request.  Rather than ask you to conform to "our" schedule, right now Flock of Shepherds® negotiates service dates and times together.  Join the Discord Community here and let's talk about it, or contact us directly.  


However!  Sometimes we announce a scheduled service.  Stay tuned!

Worship services are by Zoom*.  Worship is a one-Zoom meeting.  Coffee Hour and other para-worship gatherings are separate "meetings" from the worship service.    

  • Shepherds take turns creating bulletins, sermons, and more in the Discord community.  Join the community here

  • Discord membership is not required to participate in Worship. 


How do I do This?

BYOE: bring your own elements.  In other words, come prepared to celebrate as if you were the priest at the altar: bread (or substitute) and wine (or substitute) are required.  Add candles, flowers, kittens, etc. as you like.  

Maintain confidentiality and be kind.  Our worship services are beautiful and moving.  It can be tempting to share this with others or take photos.  Please do not take photos or break confidentiality.  You may invite others, but some Shepherds may come to harm if they're discovered here.  Disruptive participants will be removed.  

Volunteer. Shepherds volunteer on a rotating basis to create liturgy, bulletins, music, reflections, sermons, etc.  Volunteers serve as moderators, technology-wranglers, and more.  Everyone is expected to participate.  Join the Discord community to become more involved.  

Worship FAQ

Are clergy allowed?

     Yes.  Please do not dress in clericals or use your title.  Flock of Shepherds® is a gathering of peers.  Read the book for more information. 

What do I wear? 

     Anything, but try to be reasonably modest.  Clericals can be triggering unless we're all wearing them.  That said, a Shepherd once showed up in their choir's cassock and surplice.  It was lovely.  PJs are also acceptable.  The founder has been known to Zoom-worship in her hot pink Hello Kitty lounge pants.  

Are non-Episcopalians allowed?

     Yes.  The bulletin should have everything you need.  If you are assigned a role you're uncomfortable with, please contact us or arrive early enough to negotiate a trade.   

Are non-Christians allowed?

     Yes.  But be aware that this is an unapologetically Christian worship service that does not veer terribly far from traditional, "progressive," mainline theologies.  Please communicate with us beforehand so we can find a worship role that you'll be comfortable with. 

Are trolls allowed?

     No.  Worship is not a time to discuss concepts surrounding Flock of Shepherds® or to disagree with them.  Disruptive participants will be removed.  There is a public place in the Discord community for discussion.  

Can I leave the service early? 

     Yes.  Life happens and you may need to step away.  No problem.  And, if worship with Flock of Shepherds doesn't feel right, you are welcome to step out anytime, even if you have a role in worship. No explanation or apology is necessary.  

Cool idea.  I'm not Episcopalian.  Can I do this with another denomination?     

     Yes. ​Flock of Shepherds® supports you in your call to lead.  Find everything you need to get you started and keep you flocking in our Franchise section.  

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