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Hyssop Press

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Hyssop Press gives voice to your writing.  We don't give preference to clergy, tenured professors, or other marks of authority.  Quality work is essential.  Ordination or Ph.D. or publicly-recognized "authority" is not.  

  • Hyssop Press raises up lay voices in a sea of clergy-heavy publishing.  

  • Hyssop Press lifts up knowledgable voices regardless of traditional "accomplishments."  

  • Hyssop Press wants the world to hear what you have to say. 

Hyssop Press is in development.  We're working on developing: 

  • Author-friendly royalties​​

    • At least 40%​

  • Connecting with professionals

    • Connecting you with editors, writing teachers, marketers, publishing pros    

    • Are you a professional interested in working with Hyssop Press?  Let us know!

  • Starting small before scaling

    • E-publishing first, then moving forward with paper-based publishing

    • Royalties first, then moving forward with advances-plus-royalties 

    • Freelance staff, then moving forward with hiring employees ​​

There's a place for you at Hyssop Press.  Let's build something divine. 

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